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Designer Shaik is a unique brand that combines luxury and opulence into a theme that encapsulates all the dramatic and mystical links of the desert and recaptures the colourful heritage and culture of the Shaik and Arabia. Since its inception the Designer Shaik design concept has become synonymous with the Palaces of the Shaik: Palace of Horology and Palace of Nature, each Palace developing and creating luxury products to an internationally acclaimed high standard.


Our strength lies in our product portfolio and theme across all Palaces, drawing on the Shaik’s passion and desert heritage. We represent a cultural, aesthetic and emotional bridge between East and West. Here, western style and design sense meet the romantic imagination of the East, they fuse and blend to produce luxury goods that are beautiful, delightful and truly unique. Our Media Village headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain is an ever growing facility with state of the art technology. We are nurturing a passionate design team and dedicated support staff. Every member of the Designer Shaik team works tirelessly to maintain the high standards our customers expect and we constantly strive to improve our business processes and maximize efficiency and opportunities. Aligning ourselves with major international luxury brands has led us to an ambitious expansion plan aimed at creating a lifestyle option for quality focused clientele in a multi-cultural market. To achieve this objective our research and development team is constantly seeking new innovations to add to our existing collections.




Designer Shaik recognises the need to be at the forefront of developing new marketing concepts to attact attention to its brand. Advertising in newspapers and magazines alone is no longer the most effective way of attracting this attention and we have many ideas for innovative new marketing concepts. Our ultimate aim is to become the brand symbol of Arabia. Designer Shaik is the true brand of the region because of its unique theme, encapsulating the colour, culture and hertiage of Arabia. This presents a positive image of the mystique, style and timelessness of the region to the rest of the world.




Designer Shaik have ambitious marketing campaigns for the Gulf region. A vision to construct prominent, monumental clock towers infront of airports, and bridges, authorities permitting, connecting Bahrain Financial Harbour to the World Trade Center.