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About the Shaik’s Refill Service


  • The unique lifetime refilling service is a service which guarantees the continuity of the gift of love, a service that maintains and increases the sentimental value of the jewelled flacon, a service that symbolises an unforgettable feeling of achievement, of bliss and togetherness. It is a service of which Designer Shaik’s customers can take advantage, no matter where in the world they find themselves.

    The refilling of the flacon is just part of the story; these little bottles are miniature works of art in their own right and The Shaik’s customers consider it desirable that they should be periodically cleaned and refurbished by experts in order to maintain their wonderful sparkle and lustre over the year.

    Please note that you can take your empty bottle to Designer Shaik’s authorised retailers who will arrange the refill on your behalf. The bottle that you would like to refill must be genuine. If you would like to confirm whether your bottle is genuine, please send a photo to

    See list of retailers that offer The Shaik’s Refill Service


  • Opulent Shaik Gold Edition Parfum for Men 100ml
  • Opulent Shaik Gold Edition Parfum for Women 40ml
  • Opulent Shaik Classic No. 77 Parfum for Men 100ml
  • Opulent Shaik Classic No. 33 Parfum for Women 40ml

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