Designer Shaik

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The Shaik's Kingdom of Creativity




  • Our regal Shaik of Arabia inhabits a world where adventure and mystery still exist, where love and opulence combine. These timeless, universal qualities form an emotional and intellectual bridge between East and West. Mystical Arabia lives on in everyone’s imagination, a colourful, mysterious place of perfumes, of arabesques woven in sumptuous silks, of magic and delight. At Designer Shaik we marry this romantic vision of the East with the style and practicality of the West. We achieve a beautiful fusion, we blend the best of both worlds, we pour fragrant oil onto the occasionally troubled waters of our times. The Shaik is the very personification of our aims and our ethos. His presence guides the teams of artisans who work so meticulously to fashion the products that he creates. Those who purchase a Designer Shaik product feel instinctively that they are buying into a piece of ancient, mystical Arabia. 

  • The Shaik is not just one man, he is many: a romantic visionary, a passionate designer, a compelling creator. He is also a world-class businessman and entrepreneur. Indeed, the many sides of his character coruscate, they sparkle and flash like the facets on the gleaming gemstones in his Palace of Jewels. This is the face of The Shaik that monarchs, political heads of state and captains of industry would recognize; a man of quiet dignity, never aloof or disdainful but quite obviously of elevated stature, a man of impeccably correct manners, precise and polite in his diction and approach. In this, his more formal role, the Shaik’s fragrance of choice is Opulent Shaik as it reflects the grandeur and magnificence of the surroundings in which he finds himself and the nobility of the people with whom he mixes.



  • The most aristocratic of fragrances, Opulent Shaik is elegant and evocative and conjures that most profound of sensations: the Opulent Emotion. It is when the round of royal, diplomatic, ambassadorial and commercial duties has been completed and the Shaik is once again reunited with the Kingdom he loves so passionately and within sight of the four Palaces that form the basis of his Enterprise that the Shaik knows he is truly home. He relishes every minute spent with his love under the desert sky; he is relaxed and free-spirited, a tiny hint of mischief glitters in his eyes. This is the time for breaking down barriers and relinquishing inhibitions. The Shaik is in the happy grip of a charming, gentle rebelliousness, his original, unconventional spirit takes the stage. It is for times such as these that he created Chic Shaik, it is luxurious and romantic yet vibrant. It is truly a distillation of the beauty and romance of Arabia and of the man who created it. It is The Chic Shaik Emotion: an emotion in which we all can share.



  • Within the desert, beauty is a highly prized commodity. To the untutored eye such a landscape may at first appear barren but the Shaik looked more closely and learnt her ways, she showed him her beauty and yielded her bounty. He sought, and found, ingredients for the finest perfumes and discovered dyestuffs fit to decorate the finest Arabian fabrics. He saw jewels and precious minerals glitter just beneath the surface of the visible world, he understood his environment. The sweet sensations mirrored in the sugar of the dates that burst from the swaying fronds of the palm trees surrounding the gently rippling waters of the oasis glitters like a gemstone. Exotic fragrances grace the breeze, silks billow gently in the fingers of the velvet wind. Here, in this desert kingdom, The Shaik finds room to meditate; the man and his natural habitat complement one another. The sun shines on the weathered walls of The Shaik’s four palaces, the Palace of Nature, the Palace of Horology, the Palace of Fashion, and the Palace of Jewels.



  • The Shaik’s favourite, most creative time of day is sunset. At this magical hour the desert sky’s colour becomes intensified, blue mellows into pink, reminiscent of the rose petals that give the finest of floral notes to The Shaik’s fragrances, then it flames to a deep, passionate red like friendship turning to love. When evening turns to darkest night the Arabian sky glitters with starry jewels like the diamonds that stud The Shaik’s most precious perfume flacons. The romance, the emotion, the passion of moments such as these are absorbed by The Shaik and find expression within the walls of his Palace of Nature, they become as much an ingredient of his perfumes as the captivating oils and essences that he distils and blends with such splendour. This generosity of spirit has been given physical shape in the form of that most royal and majestic object, the crown. Not merely an indicator of power and social rank, his crown is a representation of the intricacy and inventiveness of Arabia and of the man who wears it. It is a symbol of the creative, romantic and intellectual energy that drives The Shaik and his Enterprise, it is known as the Arabian Crown of Creativity.